Outstanding Community Service Internship

Harrison Moynihan, Special Olympics

Harrison volunteered as a coach for the Michigan Area 36 Special Olympics where he coached athletes in four different sports. He was the assistant coach for basketball and swimming and the head coach for downhill skiing and snowshoeing.  His volunteering and leadership involvement included setting up practice times, monitoring for health and safety, aiding with transportation, setting up equipment, encouraging and motivating athletes, and working on core fundamentals of the sports.  Harrison showed true commitment to this internship site and community by being fully dedicated to the athletes and the mission of Special Olympics.  His commitment went above and beyond.  Through his community service internship, Harrison has seen the relationship between Special Olympics and the local Marquette community, and how much of an impact they have on each other.  The more involved he became in Special Olympics, the easier it was to volunteer his time.  Congratulations, Harrison!!