Outstanding Community Service Internship

Q&A with Natalie Berger

Natalie is an art and design major concentrating in digital cinema double minoring in theatre and creative writing. She is a member of the Onyx Blocks and this is her third year at Northern.

Q:   What was your CSI?

A:    My CSI was directing Lake Superior Youth Theatre's (LSYT) 8th grade and under production of The Music Man Junior this fall.  I worked for six weeks with three shows and a cast of over 60 community youth to produce an amazing show.

Q:   What inspired you to take on this project?

A:   I've worked with LSYT a few times in the past but never on something this large. My mentor thought that it would be a challenging and rewarding experience for me.

Q:   What was your favorite part of the project?

A:   My favorite part of the project was the amazing end result and seeing how well the show came together after how much hard work all the kids put into the rehearsal process—and also how proud they were of themselves and how they grew not only as actors, but leaders as well.

Q:   The most rewarding part?

A:   The most rewarding part was when the kids would say how much they loved having me there and how badly they wanted me to come back and direct the next show—that’s when I knew that I had made such a huge impact on their lives and that I made them want to continue on with theatre and want to come back and be in the next show. Even though they sometimes went home from rehearsal tired and a little overworked, they still had fun and were ready to come back and do it again the next day. I really admired that about them.  All the kids really inspired me.