Outstanding Community Service Internship

Name, ages, major: Alex Kerlin, 20, Management of Health and Fitness; Alicia DenHerder, 20, Sports Science/Pre-Physical Therapy; Rosemary Magidsohn, 20, Nursing

Internship Location: Sandy Knoll Elementary
Site Adviser: Jodi Miller

How did you choose your internship?
"Working on implementing healthy habits and a positive influence on young girls transitioning from third to fourth grade. Being a health and fitness major, it is important to me to start teaching young kids early!" 

Alicia: "I chose my internship by recommendation from Geneva Martin. I am very passionate about leading a healthy life both mentally and physically. This program gives me the opportunity to share my knowledge about these topics with others, especially developing young girls." 
Rosemary: "I wanted to work with children since I don't have much experience with them. I also wanted to promote wellness and provide support for the community."

Please describe your internship.
"We run an after-school program called 'Start Fit Stay Fit' for third grade girls. The Start Fit Stay Fit program is a program dedicated to promoting health, wellness and fitness to third and fourth grade girls and preparing them for middle school. We have a snack, talk, play games and activities, and have a lesson pertaining to wellness (safety, communication, nutrition, etc.)"
From left to right: Alex Kerlin, Alicia DenHerder and Rosemary Magidsohn