Block Talk

Block Talk


What got you interested in the SLFP?


Alisha Arnsparger (Onyx)

"Seeing how much fun people had with their fellow block members and at the retreat."


Lauren Somogyi (Onyx)

"The leadership knowledge and experience that I would learn from the SLFP was what interested me."


Aaron Mellesmoen (Onyx)

"I wanted to develop myself personally, and seize the opportunity to impact the community in a positive way."


Casey Ross (Onyx)

"I wanted to improve as a leader."


Rachel McCaffrey (Onyx)

"The idea of doing more in my community. The SLFP class even expresses how important being involved in the community is. Also, the idea of growing as a leader influenced my decision to apply."



Trisha Larson

"I heard about it from several of my friends, pamphlets, and the internet. I loved the values that are integrated into the program. I saw it as a great way to grow as a person and a leader."