Block Talk


What is the most beneficial class you have taken so far at NMU and why?  



Rachel McOwusu (Emerald):

"Computer Information Systems because I am finally learning how to use Excel, Piano 101 because I learned how to play the piano and Intro to Social Work because we were required 15 hours of volunteer service in the class and it help me land a support counselor job at Great Lakes Recovery!"


Emma Finkbeiner (Onyx):

"The most influential class I've taken at NMU is Intro to Public Relations with Tom Isaacson. It has been most beneficial because it reaffirmed that I was in the right major and I was actually anxious to go to class. It made me feel prepared for the real world of public relations."


Tiara Porter (Onyx):

"The most beneficial class that I have taken thus far at Northern would have to be my freshman seminar class! It helped me reach out into the university, see where everything was, and it helped me make friends within my major that I'm still close with and study with to this day.​"


Stephanie Brooks (Onyx):

"The most beneficial class I have taken at NMU would be Intro to Sustainability with Stephen DeGoosh. This class really opened my eyes to the current situation in how unsustainable many of our governmental, social, and economic policies are. The class allowed me to develop my own ethic on the environment and how I can personally and professionally live and educate others on how to not just be more sustainable but to have a greater understanding of becoming one with the beautiful world we inhabit."


Josh Swedlund (Onyx):

"I think the most beneficial class I've taken at NMU so far has been my first Illustration class. The honest and straight feedback I receive back from my teacher ensures that I grow in my field rather than stay comfortable with mediocrity. Steven Hughes is a tough grader but he grades honestly and always tells you how you can improve. I feel like that class has prepared me for the real art world more so than any other class I've taken at NMU for my field of study.​"

Troy Morris (Emerald):

"EN 211 D Technical and Report Writing. The professor, Mr. Anderson, taught and refined the professional skills I use, while also encouraging me as a writer and speaker. Since that class my first semester, I have relied on these skills and tricks numerous times a day to great success.​"


Danielle Morrison (Emerald):

"All of my psychology classes have been incredibly beneficial, but Advanced Social Psychology was particularly useful. The class really helped me understand how individuals interact and what kind of external forces can shift behavior. Understanding both internal and external forces driving behavior helps me to relate to more people and their situations."


Alex Kerlin (Emerald):

"My favorite class that I have taken at NMU and that I recommend to EVERYONE is called Eat Move and Be Healthy CHEK Prep class. This class changed my life! It introduces you to all the aspects of wellness and we cover topics that include but are not limited to breathing, sleeping, eating, moving, spirituality, stress management and more. Definitely a positive learning experience and it opened my eyes to the holistic health world and now I want to pursue a career towards being a holistic health coach!"


Kara Jacoboni (Emerald):

"The most beneficial class I have taken at NMU so far was my Interpersonal Communications course taught by Professor Jerome. This class demonstrated to me what a college course should feel like: interactive, interesting and inspiring. It also solidified my decision to major in communication studies."


Jessica Duncan (Emerald):

"The most beneficial class I have had at Northern would be Practice with Diverse Populations. It was really good to be informed and to have to think about people that are different than myself. It is a very humbling and informative class that makes you critically think about working in the real world with people of all different cultures."