Mentor Spotlight: Emma Finkbeiner and Victoria Leonhardt

​​Trent Podskalan, Communications Committee


Emma Finkbeiner is a junior studying public relations and her relationship with her mentor, Victoria Leonhardt, has been nothing short of positive.

Victoria works at the Great Lakes Center for Youth Development and is also involved with 40 Below, and Emma is a Resident Adviser in the residence halls. Despite their busy schedules, Emma and Victoria are able to get together and enjoy spontaneous activities, such as attending the chocolate festival, going to lunch and dinner, writing letters to soldiers on Martin Luther King, Jr. day and meeting with Congressman Gary Peters. Victoria and Emma have a very strong relationship.

Emma said, “We really enjoy hanging out casually and relaxing together because we are both very busy people. It's really like having a new friend that has amazing connections with the community.”

Emma contributes her and Victoria’s great relationship to the fact that they treat it as a friendship.

“She has also provided me with so much guidance when it comes to my CSI (Community Service Internship), my SLFP experience, my leadership development and steps I want and need to take to get further in school and in a future career in Public Relations,” Emma said.