Recording Superior Edge Volunteer Hours

Great work, Superior Edge participant.  You should know that each time you give of your time and effort, you make a difference in your community.

Because you’ve already given of your time, we’re going to make logging in your volunteer hours one easy step that is three times more effective.  When you  record your volunteer hours into your Superior Edge portfolio, they automatically get counted in three places:

  1. your total Superior Edge portfolio hours
  2. your individual hours for the new NMU top individual volunteer standings on the Center for Student Enrichment site
  3. your contribution toward your student organization’s volunteer hours total (when applicable) for the NMU student group standings.

Keep up the great effort, Superior Edge participant.  Remember, it’s all about “learning to live a life that matters.”  To get started, click the button below. If you have questions, feel free to contact us for help.