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Center for Student Enrichment

Center for Student Enrichment

The Center for Student Enrichment seeks to provide you, the students of Northern Michigan University, with a variety of extracurricular and classroom-connected experiences that will enable you to grow personally and professionally, to connect with the campus and surrounding communities, and more thoroughly enjoy the college experience. In the process, we will seek to help you develop the skills and awareness required to be an effective leader and an engaged citizen.

Student Organizations

There are over 300 student organizations at Northern Michigan University, and they range from special interest to academic. See the full list.

All student organizations must re-register with each academic year. Register your student organization for 2015-2016

Reserve a facility for your group's meeting/event/fundraiser

More policies and guidelines are available on the policies for organizations page

Quick Tips!

Are you looking to get your student organization off to a great start? Do you need some help planning an event? Watch QuickTips! (For Student Organizations)! These short (3-5 minute) videos will help your student organizations run smoothly this year.

All of the WinterFest events are moving into the VANDAMENT ARENA on Sat., Feb. 13. We will still be doing ALL of the events. If you are participating in the Tug-of-War or Human Sled Dog Races, please wear warm clothes, bring your sleds, and as soon as you are done, you can head back into the Vandament. For the Winter Obstacle Course, please bring gym shoes to wear in the Vandament as winter boots are not allowed. Events will take place at the same time. Check in at 12:45 p.m. and we will go over everything.WinterFestWinterFestWinterFestKim Barker wrote a book about her time in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India called The Taliban Shuffle: Strange Days in Afghanistan. Paramount Pictures is now producing Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, an adaptation of Barker

WinterFest Spirit Days:

Monday, Feb. 15 - Stars & Stripes
Tuesday, Feb. 16 - Touring the US
Wednesday, Feb. 17 - White House
Thursday, Feb. 18 - Throwback
Friday, Feb. 19 - Flannel

Student Enrichment Links

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