Celebration of Student Scholarship Awards

The 2018 Celebration Poster Award Winners

Undergraduate Lower Division (Freshmen and Sophomores)

1st Place Award: Rapid Colorimetric Detection of Pathogenic Escherichia coli Utilizing Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification
Author: Riley Morley, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Josh Sharp - Biology

2nd Place Award: Climate Change Messages for the Next Generation: A Focus on Health Impacts
Author: Amanda Newton, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jes Thompson - Communication and Performance Studies

3rd Place Award: Tissue Dwelling Nematodes
Author: Alec Kauschaar, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kurt Galbreath - Biology

Undergraduate Upper Division (Juniors and Seniors)

1st Place Award: Exploring Place Waste Reduction at Campus Dining Halls
Author: Joseph Dodd, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sarah Mittlefehldt - Earth, Environmental, & Geographical Sciences

2nd Place Award: Land Use and Land Change Implications on Hydrological Processes of Adjacent Watersheds from 1975-2016
Author: Ryan Diederichs, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Matt VanGrinsven - Earth, Environmental, & Geographical Sciences

3rd Place Award: The Impact of Rock Climbing on Lichen in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan
Author: Georgia Harrison, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Alan Rebertus - Biology

Graduate Student Division

1st Place Award: The Roles of Muscle-Synthesized Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor and Presynaptic Tyrosine Receptor Kinase B in Motor Neuron Axonal Transport
Author: Luke VanOsdol, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Erich Ottem - Biology

2nd Place Award: Evolution of Freshwater Crabs in Lake Malawi in the African Rift Valley
Author: Emily Johnson, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Neil Cumberlidge - Biology

3rd Place Award: Phylogenetic Influence on Climate-Driven Range Shifts in North American Small Mammals
Author: Katie Nehiba, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kurt Galbreath - Biology

Group Poster Division

1st Place Award: Implications of Bear Bile Farming on Conservation
Authors: Devon Hains, Ryan Mclaren, Emma Piper, & Kayla Traylor, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Diana Lafferty - Biology

2nd Place Award: Antibacterial Activity of Syzygium aromaticum and Cinnamomum zeylanicum Essential Oil and Thieves Oil
Authors: Claire Dobry, Claire Smith, Danielle Fawaz, & Jenny Klemm

3rd Place Award: Testing the Reliability of Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) Readers Used for Monitoring Wild Birds in Banded Passerine Populations
Authors: Cody Selewski & James VanOrman


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