2014 Celebration and Technology Innovation Photos

Thursday, April 10, 2014 marked the 19th annual symposium of student presentations highlighting research, creative works and academic service learning by NMU undergraduate and graduate students. Featured are the winning posters in undergraduate, graduate and group categories. First, second and third place ribbons were awarded in each category.

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Poster Ribbon Winners

First place winners pictured with:
David Haynes, NMU President (right)
Brian Cherry, Assistant Provost of Graduate Education and Research (left)

Undergraduate Posters

Kelsey Huisman

Undergraduate Student Poster 1st Place Winner (pictured above)
Kelsey Huisman, Senior, Biology-Ecology/Spanish
ADVISER:  David Bogler
TITLE:  Conservation Genetics of the Rare Species Delphinium Exaltatum (RANUNCULACEAE) of the Appalachian Mountains and the Ozark Highlands of Missouri

2nd place
Erica Fraley, Senior, Biology-Biology

ADVISER:  Donna Becker
TITLE:  Exploring Potato Tuber Endophytes

TIE for 3rd place
Ethan Scott, Senior, Biology-Biology/Ecology
ADVISER:  Katherine Teeter
TITLE:  DNA Methylation in Genomically Imprinted Genes of Hybrid Mice

Rozemary Howard, Senior, Biology-Zoology
ADVISER:  Erich Ottem

Graduate Posters

Joseph Wagner

Graduate Student 1st Place Poster Winner (pictured above)
Joseph Wagner, Graduate Student, Biology-Biology
ADVISER:  Jill Leonard
TITLE:  An In-Depth Analysis of Winter Ice Conditions of Several Streams Located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

2nd place
Holly Mathys, Graduate Student, Education, Leadership, and Public Service-Learning Disabilities

ADVISER:  Joan Cowell
TITLE:  Trends in the Delivery of Special Education Services

3rd place
Samantha Conklin, Graduate Student, Nursing-Family Nurse Practitioner

ADVISER:  Nanci Gasiewicz
TITLE:  Using iPod Touch Devices to Assess Quality of Life among Patients with Primary Brain Tumors

Group Posters

Pershinske Stafford Group Poster

Group Poster 1st Place Poster Winners
Katelyn Pershinske, Freshman, Chemistry - Biochemistry
Sara Stafford, Senior, Chemistry - Biochemistry
Cody Bogner, Senior, Chemistry - Biochemistry (not pictured)

ADVISER:  Lesley Putman
TITLE:  Phytoremediation of BPA by Little Bluestem Seeds

2nd  place
Joshua Maxwell, Senior, Psychology - Graduate Preparation
Emily Depetro, Fall 2013 Graduate, B.S. - General Psychology

ADVISER:  Joshua Carlson
TITLE:  Reduced Medial Prefrontal Cortical Volumes Associated with Depressive Traits in Healthy Individuals

3rd place
Andrew Mills, Graduate Student, Education, Leadership, and Public Service-Learning Disabilities
Holly Mathys, Graduate Student, Education, Leadership, and Public Service-Learning Disabilities

ADVISER:  Derek Anderson
TITLE:  What's in a Grade?: Pre-service Teachers' Assessment of 7th Grade Student Learning

Student Technology Innovation Awards

Winners pictured with:
David Haynes, NMU President (right)
Michael Kowalczyk, Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science
Chair of Educational Technology Resources and Policy Committee (left)

Charles Morey

Charles Morey – Aviation Maintenance Technology
Project Title:  Aircraft Engine Overhaul
Faculty Advisor:  Keith Norton

Sophia Thomas

Sophia Thomas – Art and Design/Human Centered Design
Project Title:  Formalist Study of the Abstractions of Communication and Language
Faculty Advisor:  Brian Kakas