Student Announcements

Student Announcements

Aug 25 2014
Organization: English
Contact: Cheryl Reed (

NMU's Northwind

Wondering how you'll make a living at writing after you graduate? English majors actually have a lot of options in this new content-driven world. You can write for websites, or public relations agencies, or communications and marketing departments or any number of publications. But the No. 1 thing you need to be considered for such a job or internship? Published articles.

The North Wind is an excellent vehicle to showcase your writing talents. You can write per story or apply for one of the open positions. Your work will be published in hard copy and online. You'll be able to link to it from your website. (You do have one of those right?) You'll be able to show that you have professional standards and know how to distill a story quickly and with skill. Even better, you'll be paid and may even develop a few friendships along the way (that's called networking.) You'll also have professional guidance from faculty. Sign up now and I'll throw in a free review of your resume and cover letter...

Interested? Please contact the North Wind editor, Katie Bultman, at You can always stop by my office as well. Asst. Prof. Cheryl Reed 3230 or send me a note: