Student Announcements

Student Announcements

Apr 27 2014
Organization: College of Business
Contact: Margaret Sklar (

Graduate Degree Elective Course

Hello, NMU Graduate Students.

The College of Business is offering a special topics class this summer session 2 entitled Human Resource Measurement, taught by Dr. Gary Stark,
If you are interested, there is information about the course supplied by Dr. Stark at the end of this message. The particulars are:

CRN: 50664
Meets: TR 6-9:10 PM, June 30-August 9, 2014
Instructor: Professor Gary Stark

If you would like more information, please contact Dr. Stark directly

Information on BUS 595 Human Resource Measurement
created by Gary Stark, Ph.D.

In the interest of creating a more diverse array of MBA electives we are offering a course on "Human Resource Measurement". The main (but not all) components are 1. a component on research methods/validity as a foundation for measurement. 2. HR Selection (measuring knowledge, skills, and other attributes that may predict performance and other desirable employment outcomes) 3. Performance Appraisal (measuring performance for the sake of training assessment, pay, selection feedback, EEO, etc., and what that may entail beyond mere accuracy of measurement) . We may delve into other related HR topics contingent upon student interests and needs (e.g., HR Recruiting and EEO/AA).

The topics are important and relevant.
First, the statistics course in the MBA program is excellent, but statistics are not very useful if the data is bad (garbage in, garbage out). While the proposed course is not a research methods course it touches on one of the most important of research methods -- valid measurement of constructs. The measurement of psychological constructs (e.g., intelligence, personality, etc.) is particularly difficult and is generally misunderstood and taken entirely too casually.
Second, performance appraisal is commonly regarded as the most poorly done of all HR functions. There are a host of interesting reasons for that, and it is important to understand them given that performance appraisal affects pay, training, EEO, morale, selection, etc.
Finally, selection may be the most important of all HR functions. Done correctly, selection can offer a huge advantage over other firms.

The course will be taught by Dr. Gary Stark, who also teaches BUS 530, the MBA Organizational Behavior/HR course.