Student Announcements

Student Announcements

Apr 24 2014
Organization: School of Health & Human Performance
Contact: Lorraine Hillock (

Fall 2014 Dance Class Opportunities

Tap into your creative side and consider dance classes at NMU- NO prior experience required to learn expressive techniques with movement and the body. Focus is placed on individual skills and abilities for students of all ages, men or women, of any background to develop core strength, flexibility, and balance while experiencing a stress-relieving dance experience that builds confidence, communication skills, and poise.
1. Beg Contemporary Technique- Excellent choice for beginners! W 1-2:40pm (HP 206A, 81349)

2. Int Contemporary Technique- pre-req or instructor permission! MW 10-11:40am (DAN 302, 82506)

3. Dance Improvisation- Contact instructor to enroll,! R 7-8:40pm (DAN 304, 82508)

4. Belly Dance- Fun class for men or women, all abilities! 2 class times offered:
TR 9-9:50am (HP 205C-01, 81390)
TR 11-11:50am (HP 205C-02, 82464)

ALL classes are offered in the Dance Minor; students develop skills necessary to build confidence and formulate creative skills that enhance the body and mind! Contact Dance Department for more information, (906)227-2542!! Sign up TODAY before classes fill!