Student Announcements

Student Announcements

Feb 10 2014
Organization: AIS Computing HelpDesk
Contact: HelpDesk (

HelpDesk will begin offering Remote Assistance services


The HelpDesk will begin offering Remote Assistance services to customers using the Windows operating system on NMU issued desktops computers or on NMU issued notebook computers that are more than 50 miles away.

Remote Assistance is a tool integrated into Windows. It can add a connection through the Internet from your computer to another computer so HelpDesk staff can assist you with computer problems from far away, provided a reliable network connection is available. Security is a primary concern when considering the use of Remote Assistance. To assure your computer and files are not compromised the HelpDesk will be following these rules when using Remote Assistance:

1. The HelpDesk WILL NOT be contacting you requesting to use Remote Assistance. You have to initiate the call to the HelpDesk yourself. During the call you can ask or the HelpDesk staff member may recommend using Remote Assistance to help resolve the issue.

2. The call may then be forwarded to a HelpDesk full time staff member since, for security reasons, only HelpDesk full time staff members will be using Remote Assistance.

3. Before using Remote Assistance the Helpdesk staff will inform you what their plan of action will be and ask for permission to use Remote Assistance to connect to your computer.

4. You must grant permission and initiate the remote connection yourself by taking steps that will provided to you by the HelpDesk at the time of the request. The steps involve emailing an invitation file to HelpDesk staff using the address.

5. You will also need to provide HelpDesk staff with a Remote Assistance password generated by the program before the Remote Assistance session can begin.

6. When first connected HelpDesk staff can only view your computer screen. You still control the cursor.

7. Only you can give permission to use the cursor by clicking a button on the program. You are still able to monitor what they see and where they go on your computer.

8. You can always take the control the cursor at any time and choose to disconnect or pause the remote session.

9. When the problem you called about is completed, either party may close the Remote Assistance program which automatically removes the remote connection.

10. Once the program is closed there is no chance to reconnect unless the entire process is repeated with a new Remote Assistance invitation file and password.

This tool is simple and easy to use and could be a very valuable resource when solving more complicated issues over the phone. Please consider requesting the use of Remote Assistance if you are working with the HelpDesk over the phone.

If you have any questions or problems please contact the Computing HelpDesk, 227-2468,
The Computing HelpDesk is located in the NMU library across from Fieras Dining, LRC116. HelpDesk Hours: Mon-Thu 8am-5pm, Sat Closed, Sun 1-10pm.
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