Student Announcements

Student Announcements

Oct 1 2013
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Cat Career Conference

When it comes to your future career, dont just wing it - Get wise & register for the Cat Career Conference!

The Cat Career Conference is your opportunity to jump-start your career and professional development. This day-long conference offers twenty sessions to choose from, so you can tailor your conference experience to fit your needs.

Join us on Saturday, November 9 at the University Center to learn about how you can take charge of your future!

To make it easy to pick your sessions, weve grouped them into four different tracks Beginners, Beginners+, Job Seekers, and Job Seekers+. Each track roughly corresponds to your year in school but sign up for any session that interests you, and you can certainly change your mind! There are offerings from many different departments on campus, and a variety of topics, from Choosing Your Major, to Developing a Professional Presence, to Workplace Communications.

Preregistration is required, as space is limited. Register by logging in to Cat Career Tracks ( and searching the "Events" tab.

Hope to see you there!