Student Announcements

Student Announcements

Mar 22 2013
Organization: Tri Beta Biological Honor Society
Contact: Genevieve Haas (

Biological Research Seminar Series: Next Seminar Tues. March 26th

Have you ever wondered what areas of research your biology professors and graduate students are currently involved in? Tri-Beta Biological Honors Society will be hosting the Biological Research Seminar Series; this exciting seminar series will explore current areas of biology research here at Northern Michigan University. This event is free and open to the public and students.

In our third seminar, Dr. Galbreath will present, "A worm with a view –investigating the historical biogeography of northern parasites and their mammalian hosts" and Dr. Sharp will present, "A novel bacterial two-component system regulates virulence in the insect pathogen Pseudomonas entomophila."

The seminars will be on Tuesdays at 7:30 PM in West Science 2904. The remaining dates are as follows:

March 26th
April 2nd
April 9th