Student Announcements

Student Announcements

Mar 22 2013
Organization: Environmental Science Organization
Contact: Audrey Menninga (

Down To Earth Week

The Environmental Science Organization will be hosting a Down To Earth Week, composed of speakers and a movie, starting March 25, 2013. This list of events can be found here:

Monday (March 25):
1 p.m. Yellow Dog Watershed
"MacroInvertebrates on the Salmon Trout River" in West Science 2906
6 p.m. Seney National Wildlife Refugee
"Conservation Filters and National Wildlife Refuge System Management in the 21st Century" in West Science 2904.

Tuesday (March 26):
3 p.m. Lauren Schnoeb
"Fresh Water vs Bottled Water Society" in West Science 2906
4 p.m. Matt Watkeys, District Forester, and Misa Cady,
District Conservationist, for USDA NRCS
"Natural Resource Management and Conservation Practices for Landowners." in West Science 2906
5 p.m. Applied Ecological Services, Inc
"Constructed Wetlands: Recycling Blackwater the Way Nature intended" in West Science 2906

Wednesday(March 27):
3 p.m. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
"Sea Lamprey control in the Great Lakes" in West Science 2904
6 p.m. ArchAngel
A presentation and book signing in JXJ 102

Thursday(March 28):
1 p.m. Dr. DeGoosh
"An Introduction to Permacultre" in JXJ 104
4 p.m. Alex Graeff and Karli Cich
"Reduce, Reuse, Recycle:The ways a college student can make a difference" in West Science 2906
5:30 p.m. "Chasing Ice"
A movie documenting the melting glaciers in JXJ 105

All events are free to students and community members!