Brennan Jaquint

Height: 6-0
Weight: 105 kg
Birthdate:  07/11/1992
Hometown:  Evansville, Wis.
Fourth Year at the NMU-OTS
Northern Michigan University
Major:  Sports Science / Pre-Med
Class Status: Senior
"Go big or go home"

Brennen Jaquint

Competition History


  • Third - Wisconsin Weightlifting Championships (Green Bay, Wis.)


  • Fourth - 2011 Twin City Open (Minneapolis, Minn.)

Prior to the NMU-OTS

  • First - 2010 Twin City Open (Minneapolis, Minn.)

Personal Bests

Snatch: 120 kg

Clean & Jerk: 138 kg

Total: 258

Life Goals

  • Do the best in every task
  • Become a sports medicine doctor
  • Stay close to family and friends

Fun Facts/ Personal

  • Used to play football, sing in the choir, and play the tenor saxophone
  • Loves watching movies and going to the beach
  • Spends all his time eating, sleeping, doing homework, and lifting.