Brian Budd

Height: 5-10
Weight: 94 kg
Birthdate: 03/22/1993
Hometown: Okemos, Mich.
Third Year at the NMU-OTS
Northern Michigan University
Major: Sports Science/Pre-Medicine
Class Status: Senior
"The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but a lack of will."--Vince Lombardi

Weightlifting athlete Brian Budd headshot

Competition History


  • Fourth - National University Championships (Albuquerque, N.M.)

2013 - 2014

  • First - Spartan Open (Lansing, Mich.)

2012 - 2013

  • Sixth - Junior Nationals (San Francisco, Calif.)

Life Goals

  • Attend Medical School and become a Doctor of Osteopathic medicine

Fun Facts/ Personal

  • Spent the past summer (2014) on a medical internship in South Africa
  • Enjoys fishing, hunting and skiing

Personal Bests

Snatch: 122 kg

Clean and Jerk: 147 kg (2013)

Total: 269 kg