Men's Rugby

Rugby Team

The Mooesmen Rugby team is the oldest club sport on NMU's campus and is steeped on tradition since 1979. NMU Rugby has built a reputation for themselves in the Michigan and Wisconsin Rugby Unions for their rough and "no mercy" style of play. Anyone interested in the sport is encouraged to come out and play.  Most players have no previous experience but pick up the game quickly. The Moosemen pride themselves on their competitiveness and team unity. The team is  involved in community events, including the UP 200 Dogsled race. Any students or fans are urged to come find out what the infamous Moosemen are all about.

$175 for league fees, shorts, and socks. Members are also required to purchase a PEIF pass for the year.

Participants Must Supply
Each player needs their own boots (cleats) and mouthguard. All other equipment is provided.

In the fall, the Moosemen travel three times to away matches in downstate Michigan or Wisconsin. In the spring, unofficial games are held around the Midwest.

Practices are held on Tuesday and Thursday at 6 - 8 p.m. Optional conditioning and fun practices are held on Wednesdays also at 5:30 p.m. All practices are held at the intramural fields on the corner of Lincoln and Wright Street.

Additional Requirements
Each participant must have health insurance.

Frank Szedely, President -