Alpine Skiing 2013 - 2014


Analicia Honkanen Andrea Mooradian
Analicia Honkanen

Year: Senior
Major: Photography
Experience: 15 yrs.
Hometown: Clarkston, MI
Why NMU?: Why not?

Andrea Mooradian

Year: Senior
Major: Psychology 
Experience: Middle school and 1 yr in high school
Hometown: Birmingham, MI
Why NMU?: Rice Paddy

Ben Avink Brad Kitada
Ben Avink

Year: Freshman
Major: Undeclaired 
Experience: 10 yrs.
Hometown: Rockford, MI
Why NMU?: Why not?

Brad Kitada

Year: Junior
Major: Philosophy
Experience: 6 yrs.
Hometown: Pinckney, MI
Why NMU?: Nice brochures and butterflies :)

Connor Johnson Danny Sutter
Connor Johnson

Year: Freshman
Major: Electronical Tech.
Experience: Since I was 5
Hometown: Houghton, MI
Why NMU?: Because it is close to home.

Danny Sutter

Year: Junior
Major: TBD
Experience: 18 yrs.
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
Why NMU?: Because of the ski team!

Elizabeth Wolf Elizabeth Way
Elizabeth Wolf

Year: Sophomore
Major: Enironmental Studies
Experience: 19 yrs.
Hometown: Clarkston, MI
Why NMU?: It's fun...

Elizabeth Way

Year: Senior
Major: Nursing
Experience: 11 yrs.
Hometown: Houghton, MI
Why NMU?: Great nursing program, close to home, skiing!

Jake Allison Joey Vermeulen
Jake Allison

Year: Freshman
Major: None 
Experience: A lot
Hometown: Stillwater, MN
Why NMU?: Why not?
Joey Vermeulen 

Year: Junior 
Major: Biology/ Physiology 
Experience: 12 yrs. 
Hometown: Marquette, MI
Why NMU?: Skiing and school 

John Merchant Johnathan Brady
John Merchant

Year: Freshman
Major: Outdoor Rec.
Experience: 6 yrs.
Hometown: White Lake, MI
Why NMU?: Shred city

Jonathan Brady

Year: Junior
Major: Finance and Risk Management 
Experience: 7 yrs.
Hometown: Brighton, MI
Why NMU?: Location

Jonathan Manderfield Kelsey Young
Jonathan Manderfield 

Year: Junior
Major: Undeclared 
Experience: none 
Hometown: Hancock, MI
Why NMU?: Ski team

Kelsey Young

Year: Sophomore
Major: Earth Science 
Experience: My whole life
Hometown: White Lake, MI
Why NMU?: Snow and Skiing :)
Mallory Slicker Marisa Hicks
Mallory Slicker

Year: Freshman
Major: Athletic training/ physical therapy
Experience: 10 yrs.
Hometown: Walled Lake, MI
Why NMU?: I love the outdoors and the winter!
Marisa Hicks 

Year: Sophomore
Major: Respiratory therapy and clinical health sciences
Experience: 15 yrs.
Hometown: Norway, MI
Why NMU?: Good education and it's close to home.
Paige Doolin Ralf Hicks
Paige Doolin

Year: Senior
Major: Human Centered Design 
Experience: 12 yrs.
Hometown: Birmingham, MI
Why NMU?: Dense hipster population.
Ralph Hicks

Year: Super Senior 
Major: Mechanical Engineering Tech. 
Experience: First timer
Hometown: Norway, MI
Why NMU?: My mom made me.
Seth Knop Kaitlyn Bohnet
Seth Knop

Year: 2017
Major: Criminal Justice 
Experience: Since I was 3
Hometown: Grosse Pointe, MI
Why NMU?: Because it's the greatest place on Earth.
Kaitlyn Bohnet

Year: Junior
Major: Accounting
Experience: 17 yrs.
Hometown: Boyne City, MI
Why NMU?: I really love the atmosphere and the ski team was a plus too!