Women's Soccer 2013 - 2014


Ali Cazzetta Anna Duckworth

Ali Cazzetta

Position: Goalie
Year: Freshman
Major: Criminal Justice
Experience: 16 yrs.
Hometown: Fox River Grove/ Barrington, IL
Why NMU?: Atmosphere! Love the outdoors!

Anna Duckworth

Position: Center Mid/ Outside
Year: Junior/ Senior
Major: Athletic Training
Experience: Lifetime
Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI
Why NMU?: Lake Superior 

Brooke Dotts Bryanne Bellovaary

Brooke Dotts

Position: Defense
Year: Sophomore
Major: Speech - Language Pathology 
Experience: 13 yrs.
Hometown: Fowler Mill, MI
Why NMU?: The delicious MP food 

Bryanne Bellovary

Position: Goalkeeper
Year: 2nd Year Graduate
Major: Excercise Science 
Experience: 18 yrs.
Hometown: Canton, MI
Why NMU?: Academics. I'm a nerd.

Cassandra Brennecke Corinne Hooper

Cassandra Brennecke

Position: Goalie/ Forward
Year: Sophomore
Major: Zoology
Experience: 5 yrs.
Hometown: Antigo, WI
Why NMU?: All the places to walk outside.

Corinne Hooper

Position: Coach
Year: Senior
Major: PE/ Health Ed.
Experience: 20 yrs.
Hometown: Huntley, IL
Why NMU?: Because Megan Pierre

Danielle LaCount Ellen Saville

Danielle LaCount

Position: Forward
Year: First/ Freshman
Major: Accounting
Experience: 14 yrs.
Hometown: Pulaski, WI
Why NMU?: Atmosphere/ Environment

Ellen Saville

Position: Defense 
Year: Sophomore
Major: Art History 
Experience: 6 yrs.
Hometown: Oxford, MI
Why NMU?:  l loved where it was and the art program is great here. 

Jackie Rodriguez Katie McGoff

Jackie rodriguez

Position: Forward & Defender 
Year: Junior 
Major: Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences
Experience: 14 yrs.
Hometown: Winthrop Harbor, IL
Why NMU?: Great people and love the outdoors.

Katie McGoff

Position: Outside Mid(Left)
Year: Sophomore
Major: Nursing
Experience: 14 yrs.
Hometown: Williamston, MI
Why NMU?: The nursing program.

Kelsa Dykehouse Lauren Dotts

Kelsa Dykehouse

Position: Defense
Year: Freshman
Major: Art Education
Experience: 12 yrs.
Hometown: Cheboygan, MI
Why NMU?: The beautiful outdoors and great art program.

Lauren Dotts

Position: Defense 
Year: Sophomore
Major: Pre-Med Biology 
Experience: 15 yrs.
Hometown: Fowlerville, MI
Why NMU?: Why not?

Lindsy Kendrick Madaline Bucholtz

Lindsy Kendrick

Position: Forward
Year: Freshman
Major: Exercise Science
Experience: 13 yrs.
Hometown: Plainfield, IL
Why NMU?: The weather.

Madeline Bucholtz

Position: Center Mid
Year: Freshman
Major: Undeclaired 
Experience: 12 yrs.
Hometown: Big Rapids, MI
Why NMU?: Because of the beautiful scenery. 

Marge Ureche Michele Bellovary

Marge Ureche

Position: Middle Defense 
Year: Freshman
Major: Forensic-Biochemistry
Experience: 13 yrs.
Hometown: Plainfield, IL
Why NMU?: Love the outdoors

Michele Bellovary

Position: Outside Mid
Year: Sophomore
Major: Management of Health & Fitness
Experience: 14 yrs.
Hometown: Canton, MI
Why NMU?: The water if beautiful. 

Savannah Troxel Stella dog

Savannah Troxel

Position: Forward, Outside Mid
Year: Junior
Major: Accounting
Experience: High School Varsity 4 yrs. & Wyoming, Westminster College Freshman yr.
Hometown: Lander, Wyoming
Why NMU?: Different experience. 


Position: Mascot
Year: 1st year
Major: Doodling
Experience: A month
Hometown: Marquette, MI
Why NMU?: Because of the leaves, and women's club soccer!