Drop In Group Fitness Class Descriptions

The variety of fitness and wellness programs at Northern Michigan University guarantees you are sure to find an activity you will enjoy and that will lead to your improved health and well being.


Winter 2015

Ab Attack*

This half hour class will introduce you to core muscles you didn’t even know existed! Using intervals and short rest periods this advanced ab class will increase your endurance and strengthen your core.

Ab's & Glutes**

This fitness class will target your abs, legs, and glutes. By using a variety of different movements, this class will help tone the muscles in the core and legs. 

Aqua Zumba*

Working out can be all kinds of things, why not get a little wet?  Aqua Zumba takes place in the PEIF lap pool (4-6 feet deep water) and fuses hypnotic Latin rhythm and easy to follow moves to create a dynamic fitness program that will blow you away.  

Beginning Cycle*

This fun and intense introductory cycling class introduces a way to improve your strength and endurance by working at various intensities on the bike.

Beginning Yoga with Liz*

Beginning yoga is for anyone, at any level.  You will be able to experience an introduction to the practice of yoga which includes: deep breathing, meditation, pose work and stretching. 

Beginner Level Yoga*

The instructor will teach basic poses and as a yogi progresses in their journey of practice, the instructor will encourage the student to advance into another level. Modifications are offered and all practice will demonstrate safe form with proper breathing and technique.

Body Bootcamp**

An intermediate level course that is designed to push your body to the limit. High-intensity circuits designed to help target body fat and develop muscle tone. 

Core Training**

This fitness class will challenge you to use your core. Using bodyweight exercises and other equipment, core training will help improve core strength, balance, coordination and functional movements. 

Cycle & Strength**

Uses various cycling drills that offer an exhilarating cardiovascular workout followed by strengthening exercises to enhance the riding abilities of each participant in the class. This group cycling class is great for all fitness levels.

Detox Yoga**

Incorporates heat building, core based poses with a lot of detoxifying twists and stretches. The purpose of this class is to use the body to heal our body. 

Kettlebell Pump**

Kettlebell training uses dynamic moves that target all aspects of fitness: strength, balance, endurance, agility, and cardio endurance.  The momentum of the kettlebell creates centrifugal force, focusing more attention on the muscles used for stabilization and deceleration.  The multi-directional movement will mimic real life movements and offer a unique kind of training.


A fun and intense cardio workout that will leave you feeling empowered. This class uses techniques from boxing, tae kwon do, karate, and other forms of martial arts set to motivating music for a great total body workout. 

Kickboxing Circuit*

A fantastic cardio workout in a circuit format. Kickboxing techniques are combined with a strength circuit set to driving music with a fun and challenging full body workout. 

Power Yoga**

This course will utilize the flow and power sequences which will be included in the speed work process for sun salutation. This class is designed for the student who has developed increased flexibility and breathing techniques to be able to hold longer positions for poses. 

Strength Building**

An intermediate level course designed to teach (or reteach) fundamental skills of strength training. Patrons will participate in a dynamic warm-up, master strength, fundamental skills, and a circuit designed to target body fat and develop strength. 

Total Body***

Total body fitness class will target most muscle systems throughout the body and will challenge to improve your muscular endurance, strength and balance.

Yin Yoga**

A wonderful practice for everyone to incorporate into their daily routine. This type of yoga helps to increase flexibility and heal the joints and body by holding certain poses for upwards of five to seven minutes. It is a very stimulating practice, both mentally and physically.


Working out can be all kinds of things, why not fun?  Zumba fuses hypnotic Latin rhythm and easy to follow moves to create a dynamic fitness program that will blow you away.  We want you to want to work out, to love working out, and to get hooked.


Fitness Class Levels

Novice- *
For participants who are new to classes in a group setting, or need help to start an exercise program. These classes focus on technique, terminology and intensity with an emphasis on proper form.

Energy- **
Designed for any fitness level to add a quick energy boost during his/her day. These classes focus on technique, intensity and proper form.

Enhance- ***
For participants who enjoy physical activity on a regular basis that needs a challenge in his/her day. These classes focus on enhancement of intensity, proper form and technique.

Advance- ****
For participants who are looking for a challenge to his/her normal day. These classes focus on advanced fitness moves, techniques and extra motivation to get you through the class period.


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