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MARQUETTE– The United States Olympic Education Center teamed up with the Northern Michigan Constructors student organization to builddisplay stands for eight Olympic torches.

“The torches were never displayed previously due to the lack stands,” said Mike Kaurala, USOEC operations manager. “With the newly constructed stands the torches are now available to the public to see as part of the USOEC display in the Superior Dome.”

Four members of the NMC provided the labor with the USOEC paying for the materials. NMC President Austin Coon took initial measurements and pictures of each torch and worked with Aaron Raassakka, James Grossa, and Asin Menzil. Raassakka came up with unique designs for each torch.

“We had the measurements, but the stands were still difficult to construct because the torches needed to fit perfectly without falling over,” said Coon. “It was good experience for those involved.  We are always happy to help out the USOEC.”

The torches on display come from the following Olympic Games: 1936 Summer Games (Berlin, Germany), 1996 Summer Games (Atlanta, Georgia), 1998 Winter Games (Nagano, Japan), 2002 Winter Games (Salt Lake City, Utah), 2004 Winter Games (Athens, Greece), 2006 Winter Games (Torino, Italy), 2008 Summer Games (Beijing, China), and the 2010 Winter Games (Vancouver, Canada).

Previous projects that the NMC have done for the USOEC include rebuilding the sauna last year and building weightlifting platforms.


Prepared By
Claire Kooperman
Media Relations Coordinator