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MARQUETTE, Mich. â€Â“ What was an even game atthe half turned into a going away win for the Northern Michigan University womenâ€Â™s basketball team on Sunday afternoon.  The â€Â˜Cats and the LumberJills wereeven after the first 20 minutes of play on the scoreboard (37-37) and from thefloor as both squad were shooting the same percentage.  Both were 14-26 fromthe floor for 53.8 percent.  The second half the â€Â˜Cats pulled away to win87-63. 


The second 20 minutes of the game saw the â€Â˜Cats shoot 17-35from the floor for 48.6 percent.  Northland was 7-30 for 23.3 percent.  Bothteams were about the same in three-pointers, NMU was 5-15 for 33.3 percent asthe LumberJills were 6-16 for 42.9 percent.  From the free throw line NMU was20-26 for 76.9 percent.  On the glass the â€Â˜Cats had a three rebound advantageat 38-35.


The â€Â˜Cats in the second half made their move when TeraOpperman drained a three-pointer with 14 minutes left in the game to make thescore 52-46.  With a little over 13 minutes left in the game, Northland had theâ€Â˜Cats lead down to one at 52-51.  NMU responded with a nine-point run over thenext three minutes to take the 10 point lead at 61-51 with 10 minutes andchange left in the game.  The LumberJills cut the lead to eight points with 10minutes left in the game, but the â€Â˜Cats built a double-digit lead to finish thegame.


Tiffany Grubaugh and Allison Carroll both had 15 markers tolead the way.  Andrea Brooke off the bench had 13 points, four rebounds andthree assists. Carroll and Autumn Kuhtic both had six rebounds to pace theâ€Â˜Cats.


NMU will be in action again on Tuesday night againstFinlandia as part of a doubleheader with the men.  The ball will be tossed upat 5:30 p.m.
























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