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January 11, 2006


SOLDIER HOLLOW, Utah â€Â“ The U.S. Cross CountryChampionships were just completed.  Current and former Northern Michigan University skiers competed in the event.


Former skier, Chris Cook, won the menâ€Â™s sprint race (1.3K)on Thursday, Jan. 5 with a time of 2:22.89.  A time trial was held before thefield was cut to the top 30 racers as they then competed in quarterfinals,semifinals and finals.  Ben Cline made the cut with his 27th placeshowing (2:31.59). Ã‚  Others skiers with NMU ties competed in the event, JustinSingleton skied a 2:38.58, Gus Kaeding had a 2:39.73, Bill Bowler (2:40.48) wasnext, Bret Bedard finished with a 2:42.99, Phillip Violett covered the coursein a 2:44.73 and Adriaan Ostrander was the final â€Â˜Cat in the event with a2:50.13.


On the womenâ€Â™s side of the event, Lindsay Williams advancedto the semifinals with a time of 2:54.30.  Former NMU skier, Caitlin Comptonwas 11th (2:55.25) while current skier, Morgan Smyth was 13th(2:58.45).  Laura DeWitt competed in the event and ended up with a 3:16.15.


In the womenâ€Â™s 10K classic on Saturday, Jan. 7 two skierswith a NMU connection placed in the top 10.  Former skier Abigail Larson wassixth (36:20.4) and current skier Lindsey Weier was seventh (37:14.4).  MorganSmyth had a top 15 finish with a 14th place showing (37:54.9).  TamiKochen (39:19.8) and Lindsay Williams (40:41.3) were 31st and 55threspectively.  Kelly Ahern covered the course in a time of 42:13.3 whileteammate DeWitt had a time of 42:58.5.  Jennifer Wygant was the final â€Â˜Cat tocross the finish line in a time of 45:14.9.


C. Cook was third in the menâ€Â™s 15K classic with a time of39:56.1. Ã‚ Ã‚  Brother, Bryan Cook, was 43rd (43:44.3) in the event. Ostrander and Bowler had times of 46:24.5 and 46:24.6 respectively.  Violett(46:38.2), Bedard (46:45.0), Cline (47:00.9) and Kaeding (47:02.2) rounded outthe competitors for the â€Â˜Cats. 


Two former NMU skiers placed in the top 10 on Sunday (Jan.8) in the womenâ€Â™s 5K freestyle.  Larson was fifth (15:17.8) and Compton seventh (15:27.5).  Williams and Kochen placed in the top 30 with a 27th(15:55.7) and 29th (15:58.1) place finishes.  Weier just missed atop 30 finish as she ended the day in 32nd (16:00.4).  Alsocompeting in the event were Wygant (17:07.1), Ahern (17:11.9) and DeWitt(17:12.0). 


In the menâ€Â™s 10K freestyle race on Sunday the brothers Cookled the way.  Chris was 20th (27:25.2) while Bryan was 31st(27:50.3).  Cline (29:52.5), Violett (29:57.4), Bedard (30:20.8), Bowler(31:24.8) and Kaeding (31:50.1) were also in the event.


The final day of the event was Tuesday, Jan. 10 as the womencompeted in the 20K pursuit and the men had the 30K pursuit.  Larson was thirdon the womenâ€Â™s side with a clocking of 32:45.6.  Compton had a top 10 finishwith a seventh place showing (33:39.7).  Current skiers, Wygant and DeWitt werein the top 20 with 14th (35:50.7) and 17th (36:40.7)place finishes respectively. 


B. Cook led the men with a 23rd place showing(42:16.6) in the event.  Violett (43:28.7), Ostrander (44:08.1) and Kaeding(44:05.1) competed in the event.   




Prepared By
Dave Faiella
Sports Information Director