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November 20, 2005

November 20, 2005


MARQUETTE, Mich. â€Â“ NorthernMichigan University Athletic Director Ken Godfrey committed himself to aone-time challenge of running as many miles as he could in exchange forfinancial contributions pledged for every mile he completed.  Over $2,200 in pledges were collected by thedepartment and multiplied by the 13 miles that Godfrey ran today the departmentraised over $28,000. The money raised will be used to fulfill some of the â€Âœwish listâ€Â itemsidentified by NMU varsity and club teams, as well as intramural andrecreational programs. 


Godfrey began his run at the Berry Events Center and ranalong Lake Superior through Founders Landing out to Lakewood Lane and thencontinued east on M-28.  A total of 13miles were completed by Godfrey.  DennisWhitley of Q107 WMQT, a local radio station, joined Godfrey on his run. 


Contributions for Godfreyâ€Â™s run can still be made throughthe NMU Athletic Department by calling 906-227-2105 or on their website



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