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Northern Michigan University Athletic Director, Ken Godfrey, recentlywill be taking on a new task in his job description and currently is intraining

MARQUETTE - Northern Michigan University Athletic Director KenGodfrey is always a busy man, but these days heâ€Â™s running â€Â“ literally. Ã‚ 


Godfrey is in training forthe â€ÂœRun for a Reasonâ€Â fundraiser, which will take place Saturday, Nov. 19, atthe Superior Dome in Marquette.  He is being trained by the highly in-demandNMU mascot, Wildcat Willy.


Godfrey has committed to aone-time challenge of running as many miles as he can in exchange forcommitments of financial pledges made for every mile that he completes.


â€ÂœI can hear the chuckles andsnickers already because I know people hearing about this challenge arewondering how far I can run,â€Â said Godfrey. Ã¢Ã‚€Ã‚ÂœThat is the beauty of this challenge; I myself do not know how far Iwill be able to go.â€ÂÃƒÃ‚‚ 


All members of theIntercollegiate Athletics and Recreational Sports department , includingvarsity and club teams, intramural programs, recreational sports programs, haveput items on a â€Âœwish listâ€Â that the funds raise will go toward.  NMU athletic and recreational sports staff,student-athletes and student employees will be collecting pledges, which aretax deductible.


Pledge sheets are availablein the Athletics Office in the PEIF Building or via mail ore-mail by calling at 906-227-2105. 


Wildcat Willy is lookingforward to the challenge.


â€ÂœI will do my best to haveKen ready for the run come November 19,â€Â said Willy in a written statement(because the big cat doesnâ€Â™t speak). Ã¢Ã‚€Ã‚ÂœWho knows how far the guy can go? So far in practice, Iâ€Â™ve been impressed with his determination.  With a few more weeks of training, the skywill be the limit.â€Â


Special guest runners, suchas NMU President Les Wong, are signing up to work with Godfrey as pacers.


â€ÂœIt seemed like the least Icould do since Ken has put himself on the line for the betterment of our teamsand sports programs,â€Â said Wong.




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