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MARQUETTE, Mich. â€Â“ The Northern Michigan University football team and staff members hosted a youth football clinic on Sunday,August 14.  A total of 220 players from the Marquette County Youth Footballorganization participated.  The fundamental skills of football were emphasizedat the one-day clinic.


â€ÂœDoug Sams has been trying to do this since he first came toNMU,â€Â Scott Krah, from the Marquette County Youth Football organization, said. Ã¢Ã‚€Ã‚ÂœThis is great for the kids as they learn the fundamentals of football.â€ÂÃƒÃ‚‚  Krahalso mentioned that the interaction between the NMU players and the youthplayers was a very positive influence.  â€ÂœThe kids worked with these college players,they go to a game, see them play and the NMU players might wave to them.  Thekids would be walking on air,â€Â Krah added.


Over 50 NMU players were on hand for the clinic.  â€ÂœThis wasdone to promote football in the Marquette area,â€Â Doug Sams, the head footballcoach at NMU, said.  â€ÂœWe had an outstanding turnout.  The whole idea was toteach the fundamentals of football and make it fun.â€Â


The â€Â˜Cats open up the 2005 football season by hosting theMichigan Tech Huskies on Saturday night, August 27 at 7:00 p.m. in the SuperiorDome.


Prepared By
Dave Faiella
Sports Information Director