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LITTLE FALLS, Minn. â€Â“ The Northern Michigan University womenâ€Â™s cross country ski team dominated the Central Conference races overthe weekend which was held at Camp Ripley which is located near Little Falls, Minn.  The event also served as a NCAA qualifier.  On Saturday (Feb. 12) the â€Â˜Cats had thetop three finishers in the 5K classic race and won the team title with 87points as Gustavus Adolphus was second with 73.  Sunday (Feb. 13) saw the â€Â˜Catsfinish first and second in the 10.6K freestyle event.  NMU also had four of thetop five places in the event and won the team title with 86 points as UW-Green Bay was second with 70.


Tami Kochen led the â€Â˜Cats sweep of the top three spots inthe classic race as she covered the course in a time of 13:16.1, Lindsey Weierwas second (13:17.7) and Morgan Smyth was third (13:25.4).  The next two â€Â˜Catsto place were Maria Stuber in sixth place (14:26.3) and Jennifer Wygant inseventh (14:32.8).


Weier led the NMU one-two finish in the freestyle race witha clocking of 28:38.1 as teammate Kochen was a little more than two secondsbehind (28:40.5).  Smyth was fourth in the event (29:10.6) and Stuber was fifth(29:12.9).  Wygant placed in the top 10 with a ninth place showing (30:46.6).


NMU will ski again at the NCAA Midwest RegionalChampionships which will be held at Michigan Tech from Feb. 26-27.


















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