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June 16, 2004



Pass is available for sale


MARQUETTE, Mich. â€Â“ The All Sports Pass that was given for football, menâ€Â™s and womenâ€Â™s basketball and volleyball tohockey season tickets holders is being discontinued.  According to NMU AthleticDirector Ken Godfrey the pass is not being offered with hockey season ticketsbecause of the current budget situation.  Increasing revenue is essential tomaintaining current levels of intercollegiate athletics sports programs.  â€ÂœThiswas a very difficult decision to make,â€Â Godfrey said.  â€ÂœNew sources of revenuemust be found to keep the NMU Athletic Department up to the standards that theNMU fans have been accustomed to seeing.â€ÂÃƒÃ‚‚  The NMU Athletic Department mustcome up with an additional $65,000 in projected revenue.  With this change itis only one part of the puzzle for the NMU Athletic Department.  The NMUAthletic Department in the past two years has been hit hard with cuts in theoperating budget.  Additional revenue streams and other cuts are being examinedby the NMU Athletic Department.

An All Sports Pass is available to the general public fromthe NMU Superior Dome Ticket Office.  The pass is good for football, volleyball,and menâ€Â™s and womenâ€Â™s basketball.  The cost of the pass is $95 per pass with amaximum of $185.





Prepared By
Dave Faiella
Sports Information Director