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MARQUETTE, Mich. -   Ã‚ Atthe recent Northern Michigan University Student-Athlete Awards Banquet over 100student-athletes received academic awards. 

The academic awards included:

The Wildcat Club Academic Award was given tostudent-athletes who have an accumulated 24 credit hours, received a varsityletter and carry a 3.20 GPA.

The National College Athlete Honor Society Award wasgiven to student-athletes who are a junior or senior academic standing with a3.40 GPA.

The National Student-Athlete Day Award was presentedto student-athletes who have a 3.00 GPA and have demonstrated volunteer work inthe community or on campus.

Other awards were given out for the Student-AthleteAdvisory Committee (SAAC) where two members of each team are represented onissues and activities throughout the academic year.

The Jack McAvoy Award from the GLIAC was presented toJosh Sherko.  This award is presented to a football player in the GLIAC who isa senior and has demonstrated strong character traits off the field andperformed at a top level on the field.

Sherko and Rachel Daw received the Gildo Canale Awardat the banquet.  The award is named after the former NMU Athletic Director andis given to a senior male and female student-athlete, who have completed allfour years for NMU, have a superior academic record and exhibits high charactertraits.

Craig Kowalski and Kathie Cole received the Athleteof the Year Awards.  A male and female student-athlete is selected based ontheir athletic performance, nominated by the SAAC reps for athlete of the monthhonors with a final selection made by the NMU Athletic Department staff.


Prepared By
Dave Faiella
Sports Information Director