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STRYN, Norway- Three members of the Northern Michigan University women's cross countryski team are competing at the  Nordic World Junior Ski Championships which arebeing held in Stryn, Norway.

The first day of competition wason Tuesday, Feb. 3 as the women competed in the 15K classical mass start. Lindsey Weier was the first American to cross the finish line with a time of48:56.6 which was good for 19th place overall.  Irina Artemova of Russia wonthe race with a clocking of 46:12.6.  Lindsey Williams was the second Americanto finish with a time of 49:44.5 which was good for 29th place.  Morgan Smythwas the third 'Cat and American to cross the finish line in 37th place with atime of 50:19.4.

Thursday, Feb. 5 the skierscompeted in the 5K freestyle event.  Williams was the first American to placeas she was 14th with a time of 13:42.6.  Artemova of Russia won her second racewith a time of 13:03.7.  Weier was the second American to finish with a time of14:17.0 which was good for 45th place.

The event will conclude withthe freestyle sprints on Saturday (Feb. 7) and relays on Sunday (Feb. 8).


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