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Brian Cook Takes Two First Places at the CXC Norm Super Tour


CABLE, Wis. - The Northern Michigan Universitymenâ€Â™s cross country ski team traveled to Cable, participate in the 2004 CXC Norm Super Tour over the weekend of Jan. 24-25.


The Wildcats dominated the collegiate male 15K classical takingsix out of the top 10 spots.  Bryan Cooktook first place in the event with a time of 48:18.0.  Adriaan Ostrander was next in the event forNMU taking third (48:59.0), followed by a fourth place finish from Gus Kaeding(49:10.1) and a fifth place showing from Hjalmar Westie (49:16.7).  Mike New took eighth for the â€Â˜Cats (51:04.1),while Bob Baldwin finished at 51:25.2 taking ninth place in the event.


NMU took the team title in the event with 67 points asAlaska Fairbanks was second with 62 points. UW-Green Baywas a distance third with 41 points.


Cook made his presence known in the collegiate male 10K freestyleas he captured his second first place finish of the weekend at 29:57.7.  Westie was next for the Cats to finish as hetook fourth place (30:54.6). Ã‚  Ostranderfinished in sixth place  (31:12.7),followed by a seventh place finish from Joey Graci (31:23.3), an eighth placefrom Baldwin (31:32.2) and New rounded out the top finishes for the Wildcatstaking ninth (31:33.2). 


On the strength of three skiers in the top five, the Nanooksfrom Alaska Fairbanks won the team title in the event with 65 points.  NMU was one point back in second place with64 points. 


The â€Â˜Cats will skate against Michigan Tech in Houghton nextSaturday, Feb. 7.