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MARQUETTE, Mich. - Three Northern Michigan Universitystudent-athletes were selected to receive the NCAA II Degree CompletionAward.  NMU nominated threestudent-athletes and they all were chosen. The student-athletes selected were Sarah Verbrugge, a swimmer, fromSioux Falls, S.D.; Ben Laarman, a football player, from Appleton, Wis.; andBeth Laveen, a volleyball player, from Eagan, Minn.

"I was very happy to have submitted threestudent-athletes for this award and all three being accepted," KenGodfrey, the NMU Athletic Director, said. "This speaks well of the program here at Northern."

The purpose of the NCAA II Degree Completion Award program isto financially assist deserving student-athletes with completion of a firstbaccalaureate degree that those individuals might not otherwise have had theopportunity to complete.

The selection process for the national award emphasizes theacademic performance of the student-athlete. Other factors considered are financial circumstances, athleticachievement and involvement in campus and community activities.

Verbrugge is majoring in finance with an emphasis inpersonal finance and a minor in mathematics.  Laarman is majoring in secondary education with a concentration inphysical education and history.  Laveenis majoring in biology with an emphasis in physiology.


Prepared By
Dave Faiella
Sports Information Director