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MARQUETTE, Mich. â€Ã‚“Northern Michigan University has elected to retain Ken Godfrey as its athleticdirector, according to an announcement made today (June 10) by InterimPresident Mike Roy.

Godfrey added interim athleticdirector to his title of associate vice president of recreation and athleticsin January after Dan Spielmann resigned. Spielmann had served as AD for two and a half years. 

Godfreyâ€Ã‚™s title will be athleticdirector and associate vice president for athletics and recreation.

 Ã¢Ã‚€ÃƒÃ‚‚œKen is passionate about Northern Michigan University and Wildcatathletics.  He is an extremely hardworker, an active community leader and a Wildcat through and through,â€Ã‚ saidRoy. 

Roy said he met with the NMUcoaches after the recent interviews of three external candidates brought tocampus by the selection committee and the coaches recommended Godfrey retainthe position.

â€Ã‚œThe budget situation is causingmany changes to be made in all departments on campus, including athletics. Kenis the person who developed the plan for what the athletic department needs todo during these fiscally challenging times, but his plan also includes ablueprint for how to get Wildcat athletics to where the program wants to be inthe near future.  Despite the strongqualifications of candidates we interviewed, there was tremendous support fromthe coaches to keep Ken as the departmentâ€Ã‚™s leader,â€Ã‚ Roy said.

Godfrey, a Maywood, Ill. native,was in charge of NMUâ€Ã‚™s recreational services since he came to NMU in 1979. Hewas named an associate vice president in August 2001.

Prior to coming to Northern, hewas a junior high teacher, coach and school administrator in Maywood. 

â€Ã‚œI am honored to be the choice ofthe NMU coaches and administration to be the next athletic director,â€Ã‚ saidGodfrey. â€Ã‚œGreat things are happening at Northern and with Wildcatathletics.  I hope everybody in theMarquette community is as excited about the upcoming season as I am. Togetherwe can make a difference; itâ€Ã‚™s about teamwork, both in the department and withour Wildcat fans and the community.â€Ã‚

â€Ã‚œTough economic times often bringpeople together,â€Ã‚ added Godfrey. â€Ã‚œIn that situation you have to be innovativeand creative to keep moving forward, and we will be.  I have some very high goals that I know many share for thisprogram and university.â€Ã‚

Godfrey earned a bachelorâ€Ã‚™sdegree in social science from Illinois State University in 1971 and a masterâ€Ã‚™sdegree in recreation from NMU in 1984. He is a certified member of the NationalIntramural Recreational Sports Association. He is also a member of the Marquette Kiwanis Board of Directors, theLake Superior Community Partnership Board of Directors and the Recreation andTourism Commission.

Godfrey and his wife, Kathie,have two sons â€Ã‚“ Ken, 33, and Keith, 28 â€Ã‚“ and two daughters â€Ã‚“ Kristine, 27, andKimberly, 18.  Ken, Keith and Kristineare Northern graduates.  Kimberly, a2003 graduate of Marquette High School, will attend NMU this fall.

The appointment as athleticdirector is effective immediately.


Prepared by Cindy Paavola.


Prepared By
Cindy Paavola
Director of Communications & Market