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MARQUETTE, Mich. - Jonathan Wilson has been named thehead women's swimming coach at Northern Michigan University.  He takes over for Chris Coraggio whoresigned last July.  Bob Laughna servedas the interim head coach for the past season. Wilson has been the head men's and women's swimming and diving coach atRipon College since 1996. 

He led the Red Hawks women to a sixth place finish at the2003 Midwest Conference Swimming and Diving Championships and the men werefifth at the meet.  The women hadfinished in eighth place the two previous years at the championship meet.  For his effort, Wilson was named the 2003Midwest Conference Men's Swimming and Diving Coach of the Year.

"I am very excited for this opportunity," Wilsonsaid.  "There is excitement aroundthe swimming program again.  I can'twait to get to Marquette to get started."

A 1995 graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Pointwith a bachelor's degree in health promotion and wellness, where he was anAll-American freestyler and is a member of the Hall of Fame started at Riponwith five women and two men on the team. Wilson was the associate head women's soccer coach for the Red Hawksduring the 2002 season.  Since 2001,Wilson has been the aquatic center manager for the City of Berlin, Wis.

He just completed his course work at Ripon for his educationdegree in physical education and health. Wilson and his wife, Faith, have three children: Tyler, Connor andAshley.




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