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SPIRIT MOUNTAIN, Minn. â€Ã‚“ The final day of competitionof the Lutsen/Spirit Mountain Mid Am Series was held yesterday (Sunday, Jan.26).  The NMU skiers for the second dayin a row skied the slalom course.

Former NMU skier, Jennifer Crockett won the event with atotal time of 1:39.00.  Kate Hoskingfinished in third place with a total time of 1:30.78.  Danielle Denbleyker finished in the 13th spot(1:34.72) as teammate Jarah Young was the next â€Ã‚˜Cat to place in 17thplace (1:36.56).  Elizabeth Somalskifinished 25th with a total time of 1:37.87.  Sarah Brown finished the race with a totaltime of 1:47.77 for 41st place.

The alpine ski team will be in action again on Feb. 7-9 atthe Boyne Mountain Mid Am Series event.


Prepared By
Dave Faiella
Sports Information Director