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MARQUETTE, Mich.—United States Olympic Education Center weightlifters earned two gold medals and a bronze on Friday, May 18, at the Wisconsin State Championships/Open in Denmark, Wis. Members of the Northern Michigan University Club weightlifting team added three gold medals in the junior category.

First-place finishers for the USOEC team were Holly O’Dovero of Marquette, Mich., with a 125-kilogram total in the 58-kg weight class and Vanessa McCoy of Wichita Falls, Texas,who competed at 63 kg and lifted a 188-kg total. McCoy lifted a personal best of 105 kg in the clean and jerk,beating her old record by 1 kg.  

Finishing the event in third place was Brennen Jaquint of Evansville, Wis. Jaquint competed at 105 kg and lifted a snatch, and clean and jerk total of 240 kg.

First-place finishers for the NMU Club Team were Marquetteresidents Jarynn and Dinele Stewartand Sage Pletka.

With their victory, Jarynn and Dinele qualified for the National Youth Weightlifting Championships June 28-30 in St. Joseph, Mo.

Resident Team Results

58 kg Holly O’Dovero Snatch 56 kg Clean & Jerk 69 kg 1st place
63 kg Vanessa McCoy Snatch 83 kg Clean & Jerk 105 kg 1st place
105 kg Brennen Jaquint Snatch 110 kg Clean & Jerk 130 kg 3rd place

Club Team Results

53 kg Jarynn Stewart Snatch 37 kg Clean & Jerk  50kg 1st place
58 kg Dinele Stewart Snatch 36 kg Clean & Jerk 50 kg 1st place
62 kg Sage Pletka Snatch 36 kg Clean & Jerk 50 kg 1st place




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Mike Kaurala
USOEC Operations Manager