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MARQUETTE – The U.S. Olympic Education Center weightlifting team competed at the Third Annual Thunderdome Challenge last Friday, Feb. 3, in front of a home crowd in the Superior Dome.

            “Four years ago we pushed to have an annual meet at home,” said weightlifter Robin Feuerman (Altamonte Springs, Fla.). “The first year there was only five lifters and now we have 14. It is really cool and exciting to see people come out and support us at home.”

            The men’s 94 kilogram weight class had five Northern Michigan University athletes compete: junior Mat Fraser (Colchester, Vt.), freshman John McGovern (Pensacola, Fla.), junior Dan Gorelik (Moorestown, N.J.), sophomore Alex Gordon (Weston, Mass.), and junior Marc Spurlock (Phoenix, Ill.).

            Gorelik lifted the most weight, 272 kg, with a 120 kg snatch and a 152 kg clean and jerk. With a snatch of 110 kg and a clean and jerk of 145 kg, McGovern lifted a total of 255 kg. Spurlock lifted a total of 245 kg and Gordon had a total of 233 kg. Fraser was unable to complete a snatch but lifted a clean and jerk of 162 kg.

            “Everyone lifted great and several lifters had individual personal records,” said Coach Vance Newgard. “The senior lifters did very well despite having a heavy training week.”

            Sophomores Jerilyn Rael Smith (Indianapolis, Ind.) and Shelbie Serpan (Clearwater, Kan.) competed in the 75+ kg weight class lifting a total of 171 kg and 195 kg, respectively.

            Competing in the 58 kg weight class, graduate student Breanne Carlson (Peshtigo, Wis.) lifted 136 kg with a snatch of 58 kg and a clean and jerk of 78 kg.

            Sophomore Kendra Miller (Plainwell, Mich.), competing at 63 kg, lifted a snatch of 56 kg and a clean and jerk of 74 kg, for a total of 130 kg.

            Junior Joshua Barnett (Sanford, Fla.) lifted a snatch of 71 kg and a clean and jerk of 90 kg for a total of 161 kg in the 62 kg weight class.

            Completing all six lifts, freshman Ryan Borges (Bradenton, Fla.) lifted a total of 218 kg in the 69 kg weight class. His best lifts were a 97 kg snatch and a 121 kg clean and jerk.

            Freshman Chris Young (Oakland, Mich.), competed at 85 kg, lifted a total of 230 kg. He lifted a snatch of 95 kg and a clean and jerk of 135 kg.

            Club team lifters Holly O’Dovero and Jeff Everson lifted 105 kg and 225 kg, respectively. O’Dovero lifted a 46 kg snatch and a 59 kg clean and jerk in the 53 kg weight class. Everson lifted in the 105 kg weight class where he lifted a 105 kg snatch and a 120 kg clean and jerk.


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