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Greco-Roman wrestler Nick Alvarez is keeping a log of the wrestlers training overseas in Norway, Oslo. Check back daily for new posts.

Friday Nov 18

Today is the day of weigh-ins.  To give us time to mentally prepare ourselves, we had the morning off.  So of the team went to Kolboltn to buy food supplies, while other stayed in the hotel and watched movies. To lose the last little bit of weight, Aghasi said we would have a practice an hour an a half before weigh-ins so that we could run straight to the sauna already sweating.  This workout consisted of only a warm up and a 5 minute match. All in all weigh-ins went well, but the part our team was excited for the dinner afterwards.

The food

The food here in Norway is not drastically different than the US. The main difference is they eat more salamis, cheeses, and fish.  Breakfast at our hotel was a lot better quality than the cafeteria at Northern though. For breakfast, they had a variety of bread choices, eggs with bacon, fresh fruits, mini baked potatoes, yogurts, fish chunks, and different types of salamis and cheeses.  To drink, they had regular or sparkling water, apple juice, orange juice, and milk. When lunchtime came around (immediately after practice) we ate in the basement underneath the wrestling room.  There they had sandwich materials and various fruits, along with cartons of apple juice, orange juice, and milk. Dinner was sometimes the same as lunch, but sometimes they cooked rice and different kinds of soups.  Their were some days that we had dinner at the hotel though, so far we've had lasagna and salad provided by the hotel. And first night we ordered pizza.  When we went to downtown Oslo, DP Miller, Pat Budd, Sam Jones, Isaiah Varona, and myself went to McDonalds for a snack.  Most of the menu was the same as a regular McDonalds back home except for a few things, such as onion rings and chicken wings. It was also a lot more expensive than in the US. Usually in in other countries, they have their own form of dollar menu (ex 100 Yen menu - Japan & 1000 peso menu - Mexico), but here in Norway, they did not.

Adventures In Oslo

When we explored Oslo on Wednesday, our guide began by taking us on the train to the National Ski Jump Museum. Unfortunately, we were an hour too late to tour the museum and it was too foggy to see the jump site.  So then we took the next train to the Park of Statues which is their "Central Park." Next we visited the Norwegian Castle. Unlike last year we were in time to watch the switching of the royal guards on sentry duty. Then we walked to downtown Oslo where we bought some souvenirs. In all the adventure was about 5 hours of cold, foggy walking.  It felt more like cross-training than a day off.


Thursday Nov 17

This morning Aghasi lead practice again.  Because everyone was cutting weight, he decided to make it a short practice. We had 3 5 minute go's from neutral.  After each go we had 3 minutes of par tare (1 minute top, 1 minute bottom, 30 seconds top, 30 seconds bottom). It was short yet intense. This workout was meant for us to get our heartrate up and so that we could break a sweat.

In the evening, we had an optional sauna time, to get the last bit of weight off before our Friday weigh-ins at 8:30pm Norwegian time (2:30pm Eastern Standard). 


Wednesday Nov 16

Today was our rest day so we went to the wrestling room and played a couple games of basketball. After our games we went to go sauna for about an hour just to get a good sweat in.  Once we were done with the sauna, we had lunch and then they took us to explore Oslo. 


Tuesday Nov 15

This morning we split up by weight classes again. The lighter guys at 10:30 and the heavier guys at 12.  Our workout this morning was led by our coach Aghasi Manukyan. After our normal 20 minute warm-up, we had 2 5 minute drill sessions from neutral, then 2 minutes par tare go's (switching top and bottom after the first 2 minutes) and we repeated this but instead it was 1 minute long instead.  To finish off the practice, we each had a "real" match.

Tonight we had 24 minutes of live go's. The first 4 minutes were in the 2 on 1 position. Each arm for 1 minute both partners.  Then we had 2 minutes of being in double underhooks, both guys.  Next we went 2 minutes in body locks both sides. After all the situations, we wrestled 4 partial matches. It was 3 minutes long. 2 minutes of neutral & 1 minute par tare (we switched top & bottom after 30 seconds so that both guys had a chance to score).

Oh and by the way here are the countries that are training with us:

Russia, Afghanistan, Norway, Ukraine, Lithuania, Greece, Armenia


Monday Nov 13

We had a short practice this morning. We had a 20 minute warm-up. We went live 5-4-3-2-2-3-4-5 minutes live in neutral.  For our night practice they split us up by weight classes. 66kg and down had practice at 5:30 and 69 and up went at 7.  Although we were at different times, we did the same thing, an all par tare workout.  20 minute warm-up and then 2 5 minute technique rotations. Then we did 10 1 minute goes. 1 man on top for 30 seconds and then switch.


Sunday Nov 12

Today we boarded for Norway. From Chicago, Illinois to Copenhagen, Denmark was an 8 hour flight and Copenhagen to Oslo, Norway was an hour.  When we arrived at our destination we met up with 2 representatives from the tournament committee.  In their vans, they drove us back to the hotel we had stayed at last year.  Then we ordered pizza and rested from our journey. Tomorrow begins our first practice at 11:30am. 

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