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Where will you be during Christmas break?

Unique family holiday traditions?

What do you want for Christmas?

Any New Year’s resolutions?

Ricky Alvarez (Boxing)

Half in Marquette and half in Dansville, Ill., my hometown

Cook some traditional Mexican food

Nothing, seeing my family is enough for me

Train hard, win U.S. Championships and get good grades

Sara Cowles (Weightlifting)

My boyfriend, Aaron Runzo (USOEC Greco-Roman wrestler) is coming to Daytona Beach, Fla., my hometown; then we will travel to Virginia Beach, Va., his hometown

Open presents on Christmas Day, then volunteer or go to the beach and surf

Subscription to New York Times

Eat less bad food, be healthier

Lilia Gudzyuk (Freestyle)

Part in Ontario, Canada, to visit my sister and the rest in Seattle

Ukrainian Christmas caroling

Wrestling shoes

Start placing in International tournaments

Nick Alvarez (Greco-Roman)

Miami, Fla., with my family

My family visits all my cousin’s houses; it starts at 8am and goes until 2am


Help encourage others to work hard


Prepared By
Keaton Mladic
Media Intern