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MARQUETTE– First-year United States Olympic Education Center resident Tim Scott (Palm Coast, Fla.) has his priorities straight. His strong moral character and solid work ethic have earned him the title of September’s Athlete of the Month in the USOEC program.

           “Tim is nothing but an asset because his moral compass is set in the right direction considering his actions in the first few weeks,” said head coach Andy Tysz, referring to Scott finding $1,900 on the ground and turning it into Public Safety, who later returned to the rightful owner. “His work ethic in training reflects the same character.”

           “Part of the motivation to do my best also ties into my faith. As a Christian, God calls everything we put in our hands to reflect upon him,” Scott said.  “I’ve made a commitment to the USOEC to be an athlete. More than a commitment, though, it’s a privilege to be accepted into a program like this,”

           One of Scott’s goals is to break the Junior American clean and jerk record, which is currently set at 156 kg. His top lift in the clean and jerk is 134 kg. “I’m not going to focus solely on the record, but it’s a perk I’m looking forward to,” he said.

           Tysz added, “Tim has set so many personal records. He’s new to the sport so those kinds of improvements are expected and necessary. I imagine over the years he’ll continue to improve. He’s going to do impressive things in the future.”

           Each month the USOEC recognizes an athlete who represents Olympic characteristics. Evaluation is based on, but not limited to, competitive results, leadership skills, moral and ethical character, academic persistence, sportsmanship and positive attitudes.  

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Keaton Mladic
Media Intern