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MARQUETTE, Mich. – After the winter semester the cumulative grade-point average for the Northern Michigan University student-athlete population was a 3.10. Of the 326 student-athletes enrolled during the past semester 148 were on the dean’s list (45.4 percent).
“I am extremely happy with some of the team’s who brought their GPAs up to higher to what I was actually expecting,” said NMU Athletic Director Ken Godfrey. “Anytime we are over a 3.0 GPA overall for the department it is excellent. The number of student-athletes on the dean’s list was excellent. I commend the student-athletes especially and the coaches for encouraging them academically.”  
During the winter semester nine of the 13 teams had a 3.00 grade-point average or higher for the semester. Volleyball was on top of the list with a 3.47 GPA followed by cross country (3.34). 
Four of the 13 teams had a cumulative grade-point average over 3.30. The cross country team led the way with a 3.43 GPA next was women’s Nordic ski team checking in with a 3.40, followed by the volleyball team at 3.37 and the men’s Nordic ski team (3.34).
Two of the teams had over 60 percent of its student-athletes on the dean’s list. The NMU volleyball team had nine of its 10 student-athletes on the list (90 percent).   With 18 of its 28 student-athletes on the dean’s list the cross country team had 64.3 percent of the team on the list.
According to Dominic Yoder, the head volleyball coach at NMU, the goals of his team’s academic success is very stringent. “A 3.3 GPA is what we have been trying to obtain as a team,” said Yoder. “We achieved that this past semester. We reached our goals academically this year. To have nine of 10 on the dean’s list is an outstanding testament to their work ethic in the classroom.”  
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