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            Northern Michigan University’s winter commencement ceremony was exercised on December 12, 2009 and the spring commencement ceremony held on May 1. Both took place at the university’s Superior Dome.
            Nicole Darrow (Lanesboro, Mass.), a United States Olympic Education Center Freestyle wrestler, participated in the fall 2009 commencement and received a B.S. degree in Public Relations.
Several athletes from the USOEC participated in the ceremony last weekend. USOEC athlete graduates are listed alphabetically by city as follows:

USOEC sport
Chaska, Minn.
Andrew Bisek
Greco-Roman Wrestling
Darlington, Pa.
Kerry Regner
Speech Communication
Greco-Roman Wrestling
Honolulu, Hawaii
Sadie kaneda
BSN Nursing
Freestyle Wrestling
Jefferson, La.
Kevin Lozano
Hospitality Management
Greco-Roman Wrestling
Mahomet, Ill.
Mary Kelly
Community Health Education
Freestyle Wrestling
St. Louis, Mo.
Spencer Mango
Physical Education
Greco-Roman Wrestling
St. Michael, Minn.
Charles Betts
Art and Design
Greco-Roman Wrestling

The athletes are very happy to be done with school and many of the athlete graduates will continue to train for the 2012 Olympic Games.
Bisek plans to move to Colorado Springs, Colo. after graduation to train for the 2012 Olympics and said that the USOEC was a great place and an important place to train and go to college.
Regner said, “Coming to the USOEC was the best decision I ever made. Having the opportunity to get a degree and train for the Olympics with the Stupak Scholarship was something I never imagined.” After graduation, Regner will be training with former Greco-Roman Head Coach Ivan Ivanov for the 2012 Olympics.
Kelly, a resident Freestyle Wrestler said the experience has been a long journey as she will finally be graduating after six years and three transfers. “I’m really ecstatic, and it’s nice to finally get it done and I’m really glad to get this completed and to move to the next level,” said Kelly. Kelly recently was accepted into NMU’s graduate school and will continue training with the USOEC.
For athlete Charles Betts, better known to his teammates as Chas, the experience he had with the USOEC and NMU was valuable. “The teachers were great with my training schedule and the work ethic from training transferred to my school work,” said Betts. Betts will be making plans to train at another facility for the 2012 Olympics as well.

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