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The New Carpet
The New Carpet


MARQUETTE, Mich. – Roll out the carpet. The new carpet is rolled, installed and painted on the floor of the Northern Michigan University Superior Dome.  The NMU football team will play on the new carpet for the first time Saturday (Sept. 12) at 4 p.m. against the Tiffin University Dragons.
 AstroTurf replaced the old turf in the Superior Dome with a PureGrass 3D surface. It’s a premium multi-purpose extra plush turf with a high fiber density. The new turf’s height is an inch high which is similar to a blade of grass.   
The $1.8 million project replaced the old turf which was in the Superior Dome for 18 years. Originally the old turf had a life expectancy of 10-12 years. The project began in late June after the U.P. Football All-Star Game.  A quality of the new surface, it is softer and thicker than the old turf which should cut down on abrasions.
According to Carl Bammert, the NMU Associate Director of Facilities, the new playing surface is the first one with a roller indoors.
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