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MONDAY - AUGUST 18, 2008
Bon Jour!
Well competition is over for the USA Women's Wrestling Team and it was a day to enjoy the sites of the city of Beijing. I'm really thinking about the past few days and the future of the program.
I was thinking a lot about the 4 Olympians as well as our National Team Members and what we are all striving for and trying to accomplish. The Olympic Medal is so precious. So few ever get to enjoy that feeling of accomplishment of being at the top of what you do. 
I thought about the 4 Olympians and I also thought about Randi Miller and her performance last night. What that Olympic Medal means to all of us and what that OLMPIC MEDAL means to Randi Miller. Although I cannot speak for Randy I will try to speak from a coach’s point of view or at least this coach’s point of view. 
The Olympics bring out a keen awareness and appreciation in all of us whether it is you watching at home or me watching mat-side. It is such a wonderful feeling in seeing a job well done. Randi Miller's performance last night was brilliant from this coach’s perspective, she knew what she had to do and she did it with passion, purpose, enthusiasm, and pride. Put that together with a prepared athlete who is willing to punish themselves to get the job done, you have GREATNESS. The point I'm really trying to get to is this: Randi Miller has had those successful traits for as long as I've known her; she didn't just get them last night. But now because of a MEDAL Performance she will have a different air about her, people will look at her different. Everyone she comes in contact will walk away feeling a little bit better about possibilities and hope or at least enthusiastic in living there lives to & higher standard. Randi will have influence on people like she has never even thought about. I say this because during the Olympic Games we all feel a certain sense of pride and accomplishment as we all live vicariously through these elite individuals. We feel there pain in loss, we experience there exhilaration in winning but most of all I think it makes us re-evaluate the good in all of us. We all feel the hope and pride in living life, we all feel pain, sorrow, and joy. We are all humans with the same possibilities of greatness in each of us.
I ask this, did the Medal make Randi Miller great? Or Did Randi Miller and her fight for excellence make the medal great. Because of the medal, you know her, respect her, and appreciate her. But did the medal really do it? I don't think so, like I've said before Randi has had these traits for a long time, she didn't need a medal to prove it, and shouldn't have needed a medal for us to notice and appreciate her.
Excellence is everywhere, around most corners, and behind most doors.
Don't wait four more years to let that excitement for life and the human spirit to come around again. It is always around, in people next door, at work, at the gym, our kids, our parents, and our friends and it is OUR job to make EVERYDAY a MEDAL day. Bring that joy, awareness, and appreciation forward in everything we do.
Thank You Clarissa Chun, Marcie Van Dusen, Randi Miller, and Ali Bernard for inspiring us all! 
Tomorrow, Men's Freestyle starts! We wish the entire team and coaching staff the best of luck!
Bon Soir!
Over and Out!

Prepared By
Erin Berg
Media Relations Coordinator