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Ayn Ya Haseo - this is how it sounds - if you Say Hello in Korean.
Village Life:
The Olympic Village has laundry service for everyone staying in the village. You drop off your bag in either one of two bags that either wash lights or darks and they match it with your credential. Twelve hours later you pick it up. The service is open from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm. Today they lost Randi's bag, hopefully tomorrow they find it. The service has been very reliable.
Breakfast at the village you do have a lot of choices: Eggs, Bacon, French Toast or Pancakes, Oatmeal, Fruit of all kinds, Breads, Deli Meats, Vegetables, Sushi, Cold Cereals, Cheeses. The coffee is a little weak but the tea is good. They do a great job for feeding this many people.
The USA Men's Basketball Team has other issues. Although I'm sure they are used to it. They practice at BNU like the rest of the US Teams do.
Today after our workout all kinds of people and cameras were behind fences at BNU trying to get a glimpse of this team. I guess we all have our own issues.
Did you Know? China Fun Facts:
1- Taxi cab drivers cannot eat garlic or onion at lunch and dinner and must wear yellow shirts and ties.
2- If you were a baby in China you wear a bottom less outfit, so that they do not have to wear diapers. It is like a diaper-less outfit.
3- Pedestrians DO NOT have the right of way on the streets in China.
4- Jia Yo - this means "add oil" it is what they yell in the stands to "Keep Going” - Let's Go, Let's Go.
5- The word on the street has it that China puts salt crystals into the clouds to induce rain. They may do this for a number of reasons: more Moisture, clean the air, and even wash things off. If it is true, it is kind of scary that we are starting to try and play God, so to speak.
Today was a little warmer in the city. The humidity started to rise up again along with the heat. It was a little haze in the sky. It is hard to tell if it is heat, haze, smog or dust but it definitely was not the clearest day.
 This morning we had a good morning. Marcie and Chun were off the mats and Randi and Ali were on the mats. We tried to get a couple good starts in - The butterflies are starting to fly - the girls are starting to get in the competition mode. 
This afternoon Marcie was on the mat - Coach Izzy put her through a workout with her training partner Amy Borgnini. By the way Amy has done a fabulous job. The rest of the coaches and girls played a game outside along with Stan and Chris, our Athletic Trainer. It is a great way for the girls to get a workout in and still keep it light. They had a great time.
Our 2008 World Team Coaches Keith Wilson and Levi Wiekel-Magden sure have a way to keep thing light and right now that is what we need. We need to first realize that we are fortunate to be in these positions, understand that to get the most out of ourselves we have to love what we are doing. Today, I think everyone had that feeling.
Tomorrow morning Clarissa Chun will be on the mats. Ali, Randi, and Marcie will be off the mats.  Tomorrow evening we will have a light workout. Just to make sure we are around each other and keep our weights in check.
One of the attractions to foreigners here is going to the "Silk Market."
If you thought you had high pressure sales from purchasing your last used car guess again. These girls are relentless. It gets to the point where you don't even want to make eye contact. They are actually pulling you into their shops to purchase - if they get you in you are going to have to do some fast talking to get out. The silk market has everything from shoes, to bags, to pillows. It is a situation where you barder with them for a price. I think all sales people should go through here for a day, I'm sure a lot could be learned.
The Greco Team had a rough day today. Tomorrow Viering, Wheeler and Byers step on to the Olympic Mats. We wish them all the best!
I believe that's it for now. Go Team USA!
Dos Fidanya! Good Bye in Russian
Over and Out!

Prepared By
Erin Berg
Media Relations Coordinator