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SUNDAY - AUGUST 10, 2008
Goodaye Mates!
I hope its Jolly Goodaye in America!
It has been a goodaye here in Beijing. It was a relaxing day; the girls were on their own. Even the HEAT took a break today as it rained most of the day with thunder and lightning storms. 
I spent some time this evening at the Asics VIP Warehouse. Although it was a long cab ride, Stan Zeamer and I learned a little about the History of the company. ASICS started out in Japan with a basketball shoe in 1949. The company was founded be the late Mr. Onitsuka. Onitsuka San was a very clever guy obviously. Well it turns out Tadaaki Hatta's father (our USA WOMAN'S OLYMPIC COACH) approached Onitsuka San to develop and market a wrestling shoe. Hatta San & Onitsuka San developed a wrestling shoe that was ahead of its time. The shoe was made with Nylon instead of the old heavy wet leather that was worn around the world. The Nylon Shoe was a hit in Japan and treasured around the world. USA Coach Bill Farrell was friends with Hatta San and the two of them brought the shoe to the USA. Today, in the wrestling market ASICS controls about 70% of the wrestling market. I thought you might like the history on Onitsuka Tiger / ASICS Company. Onitsuka passed on!
The company is now run by his son-in-law. Bill Farrell still owns and operates the USA distributorship, named "TW Promotions".   This is a quick version, some of it maybe a little different; I did not hear this from Onitsuka San or Hatta San or Mr Farrell. But I thought it was an interesting.
A couple other interesting facts about The Olympic Games:
1- 16,000 Marriages took place in China on 8-8-08. This was the beginning of the Olympic Games. The number 8 is a lucky number in Chinese culture.
2- An estimated 1 Billion people will watch the basketball game between China and USA. The Game is going on now.
We are looking forward to tomorrow it is one day closer to dreams coming true. Tomorrow we will have a mat practice on the morning and a lighter practice in the afternoon on or off the mat depending on the athlete.
Also, tomorrow, Spencer Mango - the Men's Greco - 55kg weighs-in. We are excited to get going! He will compete on Tuesday.
Jim Scherr wrote a letter to the American Athletes after the opening ceremony. The last part of this I will leave you with.
With a nation behind us
With a world before us
And within us all...
Amazing Awaits


Terry Steiner

Prepared By
Erin Berg
Media Relations Coordinator