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2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing
2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing
AUGUST 9, 2008
Hello Again from Beijing!
I hope you all had the chance to see the Opening Ceremony last night on TV.  As you have seen, the Chinese people spared no expense putting these Games together.  It was Truly Amazing!
I was asked by a reporter what I thought about the Opening Ceremony!  It is really hard to put into words.  It was a lot of things: 
It was Grand - it is amazing how many volunteer to help at the games and not just Chinese people but people from around the globe.  It is also amazing how all of these efforts are coordinated to make everything run smooth.  It is also amazing how language is only a barrier if you let it be.  A smile and a thank you everyone understands and appreciates.
It was Inspirational - You see so many people together that are striving for something better.  Not just in the arena of competition but the arena of life.  There is so much positive energy in the air it is hard not to be uplifted.
It was Uniting - It is so good to see everyone smiling having a good time whether you were male or female, black or white.  Catholic, Protestant or Islamic everyone enjoyed the event, and what makes it great is that everyone is taking part.  Everyone is together.
It gives us hope for a better tomorrow - not just in the sporting world but around the globe not matter what your place.  It shows that if we look at our similarities we are all the same mold.  We have the choice every day, each one of us, to look at whatever it is we want; it is our choice to focus on the good or bad.  Nobody is perfect!  It makes us realize that the secret to life is in the struggle.  We cannot wish away our moments here on earth.  We only have so many moments.  Enjoy the Journey - Good and Bad.
Today for the Team was a good day.  We arrived at BNU to workout at 10:00 am.  Chun and Van Dusen were in the Weight room and Miller and Bernard were on the mats.  Then at 4:00 pm we switched it up.  I felt we were able to get more out of the girls this way.   I thought all of the athletes did a great job of getting back to the task at hand.  The mats were slippery, the heat was sweltering but the intensity, fight and focus was good.  That is what we are looking for.
After the morning workout, we stayed at BNU with the support team and hung out.  Everyone did their own thing.  I was on the computer most of the time.  Some took naps others played games.  It was a relaxing day. The Greco and Men's Freestyle Team were on the mats today as well.  Everyone looks focused on their needs.  It is great to see all in the room at the same time and not differentiating between style and genders.  I think there is a great respect for each other among all involved.  We are TEAM USA!
Tomorrow - the girls are on their own.  We have been on the mats everyday lately and I felt we needed a day to just relax and get our mind and body in check.  As athletes and coaches, we tend to think that more is always better but at this point in the game we need to back off and trust in our preparations and get our mind and body ready to fight.  To do that we need some calm before the storm!  Tomorrow will be a day like that.  The Support team will come to The Olympic Village on day passes.
Monday we will be back on the mats at 10:00 am - We are really looking for the quality and intensity, nothing is excessive.
I think that is it for now.  It is time to catch the bus back to The Olympic Village. Enjoy the Games.
Over and Out!
Terry Steiner

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Erin Berg
Media Relations Coordinator