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Coach Steiner
Coach Steiner
AUGUST 8, 2008
Nin Hao, Hello, Hola, dobre-utra, ohiogozimas,
I'M FROM EARTH! I know you are too, but this is a statement on one of the popular shirts that is being worn around the Village. The Beijing Olympic motto is "ONE WORLD ONE DREAM" 
Tonight if you are watching you will see a magnificent site. Put
everything aside - tonight we will truely be ONE WORLD.   United and
together either, here, watching on TV, or in spirit - tonight we will focus on our similarities and not our differences and that is what sport should do - bring us together and unite us. In sport there is no room for politics.
It is August 8. 8-8-08 - The opening of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.
The air is filled with excitement and anticipation. We are all Honored, Humbled, and Proud to be here and be a part of such a magnificent occasion.
- Jacques Rogge, IOC President is in town.
- 104 Heads of State will be in attendance for opening ceremonies. - Tickets to the opening are being sold for $10,000 US Dollars.
- The Peoples Republic of China will have an athlete delegation of 639 competing in the games
- The USA will have an athlete delegation of 596. 
It is Truely Amazing!
The Olympic Games represent so many great things - Three of the founding Values of the Games are EXCELLENCE, FRIENDSHIP, AND RESPECT.
EXCELLENCE. Obviously, the athletes are living this everyday in there fight for perfection - they learn a lot about themselves and about others. What you really learn is the importance of the other 2 founding values. 
FRIENDSHIP. I think in a strive for excellence you find a lot out about you - you learn to appreciate you and others for who they/we are. Mr.
Jacques Rogge has challenged everyone to go out of our way to make friends from other countries and other sports. ONE WORLD ONE DREAM.
RESPECT. Those in sport also learn to appreciate the journey. We learn to appreciate hard work, sacrafice, discipline and each new day. You must have respect for yourself and others in sport. Respect is essential for success. You must respect all but fear none. You must respect similarities and differences alike.
Today - we had a workout at 10:00 am. We were on the mat - a few of the girls had some issues that needed to be tended to so Dr. Hines went along with to the workout to make sure we were covered. Chris Schreor and Dr. Hines are our Medical staff - assigned to women's wrestling .
These small things help a lot.
We drilled about 20 minutes of task drills (teams drills) - then we wrestled live for 4 different periods, a total of about 12 minutes - then we had 20 Minutes of individual drlls.
I think after opening ceremony we will finally settle in - we still look a little off - but I expect on Saturday and Sunday it will be better.
Tomorrow, we will do more individual work - Clarissa and Marcie will be in the weight room in the morning and Randi and Ali will be on the mats
- in the afternoon we will switch it up and Clarissa and Marcie will be on the mats, Ali will be in the weight room and Randi will be back on the mats.
Well it is time to get ready for opening ceremonies - Be Proud of these athletes - they are happy and proud to represent all of you.
we started out on buses to the fencing arena. In the fencing arena, Jim Scherr (USOC Boss) and Peter Ueberoth (chairman of the USOC) addressed the American Delegation.
Then we were all visited by both President Bush and The First Lady, Laura Bush and also Janet Bush, their daughter and lastly but not least Former President Bush. George W. Bush addressed the athletes and then the spent about an hour meeting and greeting each team. Former President Bush has a great sense of humor he always has a smile and is very sincere. We had a picture with him.
Also the Men's Basketball Team was a hit a lot of picture were taken and they we very open and seemed to be having a great time. I had the
chance to Meet Coach    K, incase you don't know he is Duke's coach and
is a very humble and down to earth individual - it is not hard to see why he has been so successful. Good Guys do finish first. Also. I was impressed how all the Mega Stars like Kobe and Lebron went through the entire ceremony.
As I right this part of the blog we are sitting in the Gymnastic Stadium waiting to go into "The Birds Nest". We are the 140th country to go out. We are sitting by the Men's and Women's Water Polo Team. I'm picking up some tips - we play water polo at times for a cross-training workout. 
So far it has been a great experience - Former President Bush is like the wise old grandfather - very comfortable and relaxed and just makes everyone feel good.
well the ceremony is over I hope you get to watch it was great. We are now on a bus back to thw village. It is about 1:00 am here in Beijing.
The time is now for our girls. I thinkl they had a great night and are excited to start.
Talk to you all later
Thank You - Shea Shea!
Terry Steiner

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Erin Berg
Media Relations Coordinator