If you are looking to enter a career where you can make a difference in people's lives, we can prepare you.

Our programs provide students with an understanding of theory and methodology, and offer opportunities to apply knowledge learned in the classroom to experiences in the field through work placement and internship opportunities. Each of our programs also stresses the importance of interdisciplinary education, so students graduate with a well-rounded background that provides a solid foundation for growth in their professional lives. Additionally, small class sizes allow students to build relationships with faculty and classmates that foster their development as students and professionals.

Our department offers course work in three distinct areas: 

  • The largest major that we offer is social work. This program prepares students for generalist practice in the profession of social work upon graduation. It is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education, and as an accredited program, it has fairly complex and specific requirements students must follow in order to complete a bachelor of science degree.
  • Students may also major in the social science discipline of sociology. In addition to preparing graduates to become social scientists who conduct research on social phenomena, the sociology program provides an excellent education for advanced professional education for careers in the public and private sectors. Although a relatively select group of students major in sociology, sociology courses are an excellent choice to fulfill liberal studies requirements and general electives.
  • We currently offer a small but active program in anthropology. The department currently has two faculty in anthropology, and we offer a minor and a variety of courses in both anthropology and archaeology.  We have been offering summer archaeology field schools and students have ample opportunity to work closely with faculty on several on-going projects.  Northern does not offer a major in anthropology, but many interested students have designed Individually Created Programs (ICPs) around our offerings and directed studies, which have permitted them to pursue graduate programs in anthropology.

Students may also select from several department minors to complement their major:

Courses within each minor that can be used to satisfy liberal studies requirements are listed with the Roman numeral (in brackets) that coincides with the liberal studies division the course falls under.
  • Anthropology Minor
  • Gerontology Minor
  • Human Behavior Cluster Minor (only for Social Work Majors)
  • Social Service Minor
  • Sociology Minor