Curriculum Requirements and Bulletin Option Policy

Social Work  Credit for Life Experience or Previous Employment
As stipulated by the Council on Social Work Education, NMU’s program does not grant social work course credit for life experience or previous work experience.

Bulletin Option
From time-to-time it is necessary to revise the BSW curriculum, especially in order to comply with accreditation requirements. The following policy is to be followed by the social work program in order to implement the social work curriculum as described in the NMU bulletin. The University has specific guidelines for liberal studies requirements in terms of which bulletin a student must follow. However, the same criteria do not hold for program requirements, which are instituted to keep the degree in compliance with professional accreditation standards. In terms of program requirements, it is our policy to implement the curriculum changes as quickly as possible in order to assure that the BSW offered by NMU is both accredited and competitive in the profession. The rationale for this stance and for the policy outlined below as stated in the Bulletin is:

The provisions of this bulletin are not an irrevocable contract between the student and the University. Northern Michigan University reserves the right to change any provision or requirement at any time within the student's attendance.

cited from:
2011-12 Bulletin

When changes are made in the curriculum in order to maintain compliance with accreditation standards of the Council on Social Work Education, students may not be permitted to follow old bulletin requirements simply because those requirements were in effect when they entered college or NMU. To do so would result in graduates having a non-accredited degree. Furthermore, the implementation of the curriculum change refers not only to the major, but also to any other changes such as the cluster minors that were made in order to meet accreditation standards.