Alcohol and Domestic Violence Project

Faculty in the Department of Sociology and Social Work are midway through a two-year project on alcohol and intimate partner violence.  Funded by the Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation of Michigan, the purposes of the project are to conduct exploratory research and produce an educational video on the relationship between alcohol and men’s violence against women.  Sociologist Michael Loukinen is the project videographer and Jeanne Lorentzen is the Principal Interviewer for this collaborative project that also involves the Marquette Domestic Violence Shelter and Marquette General Hospital. Co-Directors for the project are Ira Hutchison, Department Head of Sociology and Social Work and Prof. Kerri Schuiling (Associate Dean- Nursing).

Ira Hutchison explains that “our entire focus is to make the point that alcohol does not cause men to be violent.”  The videotaping phase has just begun, and the final video will be distributed in late 2008 to all domestic violence shelters, substance abuse treatment centers, and nursing schools in Michigan.

For more information e-mail Dr. Ira Hutchison or phone at (906) 227-2706.